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All models of the Toyota Hilux include features such as, air conditioning, USB connection and remote central locking. The higher spec models of the Hilux have more standard features, such as, a touch screen display and touch audio system including Bluetooth connectivity, a rear-view camera and iPod connectivity.


The Toyota Hilux has a leisurely engine which is not over-powering – many people are surprised by this, as they expect the Hilux to have masses of power. The engine is fairly quiet for a pick-up, with later versions of the Hilux being updated to a 120bhp engine or a 3.0 litre diesel, 170bhp engine.


The Hilux has the ability to carry more than 1000kg in the load bed. Besides the fact that this is an ideal work truck for builders, decorators and farmers – the load capacity means the Hilux is exempt from VAT for business users. The size of the load bed varies, depending on the cab size of the vehicle you opt for.

Behind the wheel

The interior of the Hilux is pleasant and feels sturdy and robust – the wide opening doors make it easy to access the cab. The cabin is spacious, ensuring plenty of head and leg room. The high seating position means that the driver has good visibility of the road ahead.


The Toyota Hilux has an energy absorbing frame structure with a collapsible steering column and retractable brake pedal, which helps to minimise injuries in a crash. As standard the Hilux comes with driver and front passenger airbags, ABS and side impact beams.


The Toyota Hilux is considerably cheaper to buy and run than other pick-ups on the market – this was managed by saving labour time during services. The Hilux can manage 34mpg which is fairly decent for a vehicle of its size and weight.

Ideal Accessories

We stock a variety of accessories for the Toyota Hilux – many customers opt for stainless steel accessories to enhance the look of their Hilux as well as to protect against damage.

Side Bars

This promotes safety and enables easy access to the cab.

Front Bars

Front bars help to reduce damage to your vehicle and injury to pedestrians in case of a collision.

Spoiler Protectors

Protect the spoiler of your Hilux from knocks and bumps – these can typically happen when parking in a tight car park.


Protect the load bed of your Hilux from becoming scratched or dented by loads. If your Hilux is a workhorse then a plastic bedliner provides adequate protection. The BedRug is an ideal choice if you are using your Hilux for both work and leisure as it is waterproof and washable. The BedRug is carpet, meaning that you won’t hurt your knees when climbing in and out of your pick-up to access your load.


Hardtops provide a spacious and secure cover for the load bed of your Hilux. Our range of hardtops allow you to have accessories such as an automatic interior light, pop-out side windows and even remote central locking for the tailgate – which works with your vehicles key fob. Hardtops keep your load securely hidden and protected against the elements. They are also useful for dog owners too.

Tonneau Covers

We stock a wide range of tonneau covers, including hard, soft, lockable and aluminium. We have a tonneau cover to suit your needs. Tonneau covers are the best way to keep your load secure and hidden whilst still maintaining the pick-up truck appearance.