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EGR Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are designed for customers who do not need extra load capacity, but instead want to hide the load and keep it dry. We have a range of tonneau covers to choose from, whether it’s a hard cover or a soft cover you are after, a roller shutter, folding cover or an aluminium cover, we have the perfect cover for you. Rain bars are supplied with soft tonneau covers, to channel the water off the sides and prevent water pooling in the middle of the cover.

Tonneau covers not only protect the goods in your load bed but also improve the fuel consumption of your pick-up by stopping the wind from being caught inside the bed and increasing drag.

EGR Soft Tonneau Cover

The EGR soft tonneau cover is the only lockable soft tonneau cover on the market, keeping your goods safe and dry. The cover features a ‘continuous hook’ system for quick and easy opening and closing. No drilling is required for installation and it can be fitted in under 30 minutes. The rain bars included keep your tonneau cover extremely taught preventing the rain from pooling.

EGR Hard Tonneau Cover

We have two styles of EGR hard tonneau covers available. The standard EGR hard tonneau, which is a plain, simple tonneau, that can be painted to match your vehicles colour code; and there is the EGR sports tonneau cover, which is a three-piece cover that includes a unique all in one tonneau cover and stainless steel roll bar. Both styles are tough and durable and can be fitted and removed in minutes. They operate with a single point push button locking system and gas struts to assist with opening and closing.

MAX Hard Tonneau Cover

The MAX Hard Tonneau Cover is lightweight and made from engineered plastic. The MAX hard tonneau enhances the aerodynamics of your vehicle, by reducing the drag on your vehicle. The weather resistant rubber seal keeps anything from leaking into the load bed. No drilling is required for installation and the cover can be painted to your vehicles paint code.

MAX High Line Tonneau Cover

The MAX High Line Tonneau Cover is designed to open at 45 degrees like a normal tonneau, but has the additional feature of opening vertically at 180 degrees. This added option allows you to increase the storage capacity, which is perfect for those awkward loads. The High Line Tonneau Cover is designed for high storage capacity and has a two-step lift system.

Jack Rabbit Roller Shutter Tonneau Cover

The Jack Rabbit is a fully secure, retractable roll ‘n’ lock bed cover. The Jack Rabbit comprises of an aluminium ArmorTek panels which can be locked into position at every 30cm, enabling you to carry awkward loads without exposing the whole of your truck bed. The Jack Rabbit roller tonneau has a non-drill installation and can be fitted with the Truck Lok, which means that you can use your vehicles key fob to lock the tailgate.

Jack Rabbit Full Metal Roll Cover

The Jack Rabbit Full Metal Roll Cover retracts smoothly and easily using heavy duty springs into a canister that is situated at the front of your truck’s bed. The Full Metal Cover uses built in pull straps to engage the latch at 12 inch intervals. The full metal deck is made up of tough powder coated aluminium panels that glide along black powder coated side rails. The Jack Rabbit is fitted easily with a no drill clamp system.

Truckman Aluminium Tonneau Cover

The Truckman Aluminium Tonneau Cover is made from aluminium chequer plate. This tonneau cover allows you to carry loads of up to 100kg on top of it and it can even be used as a work platform. The aluminium cover operates smoothly on gas struts. Unlike many other aluminium tonneau’s, load bars can be fitted to it.

Extang Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The Extang Hard Folding Tonneau is manufactured from an aircraft grade aluminium alloy. This gives the tonneau exceptional strength, whilst keeping the weight down to a minimum. The tonneau cover can be fully assembled or removed in seconds without the need for any tools. The Extang Hard Tonneau features a tri-fold design which gives extra security when locked and allows you to carry awkward loads.

Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover

The Extang Trifecta is a soft tonneau cover with three-stage opening. The load bed can be opened in sections to save time when you are in a hurry, which is also useful for transporting awkward loads. The tonneau cover is easy to fit and remove and no assembly is required. The Extang Trifecta is manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon – unlike most other soft tonneau’s which are made from PVC or Vinyl. The nylon used for this tonneau cover means that it will not warp or stretch over time.

Extang Express Tonneau Cover

If you are after a soft roll-cover the Extang Express is one of the best ones on the market. It does not feature any awkward press studs like a lot of other soft tonneau covers, but instead, uses a ‘continuous hook’ system which allows you to roll the tonneau up and down the load bed to the position you desire. The Express offers true protection from the elements as the finish on the material and tapered design repels the water and offers protection from the elements.

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