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There is a wide range of hardtops to choose from at AutoStyling. Whether it’s something practical for your commercial vehicle or a piece of luxury for your leisure time, then we have something for you. Many of the hardtops we stock will improve the fuel consumption of your vehicle, so over time they will save you some money.

Truckman Classic High Roof HardtopImage title

The Truckman High Roof Hardtops are ideal if you are using your pick-up for commercial use. The high roof allows for a larger load capacity than other hardtops. They are amongst the toughest hardtops on the market and are made right here at our West Midlands based factory, where they are built to an exceptionally high standard and are of an outstanding quality.  The Truckman Classic is available with either solid sides, a left or right side access door or double side access doors.

TruckmanImage title Grand, GLS, S-Series, Solid Sided Hardtop

These Truckman hardtops are designed to be flush with your vehicle cab and are painted to the manufacturers paint codes. They all feature remote locking, an automatic interior light and roof bars, plus optional extras specific to the top.

These hardtops differ in that the Grand has pop out side windows; The GLS has sliding side windows, the S-Series has gull wing opening side windows which allows for side access and the Solid Sided Hardtop has solid sides.

Truckman AeroTopImage title

The Truckman Aerotop’s have a non-drill installation and are designed to be flush with the cab of your vehicle. The AeroTop is ideal for both leisure and commercial use. The AeroTop SX is the most advanced hardtop in terms of styling and features.

MaxTop SImage titleeries 1.1

The Max 1.1 Series Hardtop has a non-drill installation and features a glass bulkhead window. It is an extremely tough, durable and light weight hardtop. The hardtop offers a twin locking system, sliding side tinted windows and a high-level brake light.

Max 3 SeriesImage title

The Max 3 Series is a strong, durable hardtop which is created from high density ABS plastic. The hardtop features sliding side windows, glass bulkhead window and carpet lined interior. There is a twin locking system, meaning that this hardtop is very secure.

Max 8 SeriImage titlees

The Max 8 Series Hardtop is extremely tough, durable and lightweight. The Max 8 features tinted pop-out side windows, carpet lined interior, high level brake lights and a twin locking system. The hardtop is made to be flush to your vehicle cab, making it appear as a continuation of your vehicle. The Max 8 is easy to install with no drilling required. The hardtop is supplied with a patented mounting kit.