Car Mats
Car Mats
Car Mats

Floor Mats keep the foot well of your vehicle dry and free from dirt, keeping them looking as good as new and helping to preserve the vehicles value.

AutoStyling sell a range of mats such as: car mats; van mats and mats for your pick-ups and 4x4’s.

Car Floor Mats

At AutoStyling we stock a variety of universal car mats, including mud mats, luxury mats and heavy-duty floor mats. The luxury and the heavy-duty floor mats are designed to be more durable than standard carpet mats.

Van Floor Mats

Rubber mats or heavy-duty mats are ideal for vans as they are hard wearing and tough and can handle your everyday working needs. Luxury floor mats, provide the same level of reliability of the rubber mat, but with the added luxury of carpet inserts.

4x4 and Pick-Up Floor Mats

The widest variety of mats are available for 4x4’s and pick-ups. These vehicles have the same choice as other vehicles, but they also have the option of automats and diplomats which are tailor-made carpet mats that have the luxurious appearance to them. You can also choose the MAX tailored mats, which have high edges, stopping dirt and snow from getting into the vehicle.

Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Heavy duty mats provide long term protection and are of a high quality. The heavy-duty mats have a non-slip back made from heavy duty rubber and channels to prevent water and dirt from becoming absorbed in your vehicles carpet.

Luxury Floor Mats

These floor mats provide the luxury of carpet, but with the protection of PVC. The rubber provides the mats with durability and adds to their waterproof protection. These mats can be kept looking new as they are washable.

Automat Tailored Fit Mats

Automat floor mats are made using a cloth/ribbed binding material. This type of floor mat is cost effective despite being created with the same technology as premium floor mats. The Automat floor mats even have the look of high quality mats.

Diplomat Tailored Fit Mats

Diplomats are made from OEM quality tufted carpet with a soft touch cloth binding. Diplomats have an anti-slip backing and provide a compromise between affordability and quality.

Mud Mats

Mud mats provide durable protection to your vehicle. They act as mud trays, trapping any mud, water or snow and preventing it from spilling over onto your vehicle’s carpet.

MAX Mats

Max Floormats are tailor-made for the perfect fit for your vehicle. They are created from a semi-flexible material that is durable and can generate a carpet-gripping friction. The moulded outer edge on the mats helps to trap dirt and water, maintaining the look of your vehicles carpet.

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