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VW  Tiguan Accessories

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Volkswagen Tiguan

The VW Tiguan has compact dimensions, which obviously affects the interior. The boot space is only 395 litres and rear legroom is only average. Although, the rear seats do move forward or fold flat, which expands the boot space. The cab however, is up to VW's usual standards for high quality. It has a neat layout with classy materials used, it all has a solid look and feel. The Tiguan features a unique front bumper that includes a sump guards and improves the approach angle from 18 to 28 degrees. VW's tried and tested 4MOTION four-wheel drive set-up means the Tiguan is easily capable of light off-road duties. On tarmac the light controls and tall driving position combines with compact proportions to make it easy to drive. All key off road support functions will be activated by a central user control. One switch activates the Hill Descent Assistant, adaptation of driver's pedal characteristic (for finer gradations of torque), EDS adaptation (electronic differential locks are activated at the slightest slip), ABS adaptation, hill climb assist and along with automatic transmission - gear preselect (including optimal engine braking action). The Tiguan uses the same 200 horsepower turbo four as the GTI. It never feels over worked, it won't strain up a hill or on the motorway. VW tested the Tiguan in the harsh terrain of Namibia in South Africa. The Tiguan's safety has also been considered. It has airbags in the front, side of the front seats and the steering wheel. The VW Tiguan is one of the safest in its class. The Tiguan comes with features such as power heated side mirrors and air conditioning.

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