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VW  Sharan Accessories

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Volkswagen Sharan

The Volkswagen Sharan is a boxy shaped car designed for comfort. The Sharan handles well and is smooth and composed although does not feel very agile. the car is well insulated from wind and road noise although there can tend to be a fair amount of vibration throughout the cabin. The interior of the Volkswagen Sharan is made with strong materials and easily laid out. The looks aren't particularly stylish and colours are drab but it does for what it's needed. The cabin has an airy and spacious feel. The ride is generally comfortable but can get fidgety over bumps and pot holes. The seats are comfortable and well padded with good head and leg room for all although it is more limited in the back it is still acceptable. The driver has good all round visibility but the rear headrests can obstruct the view while reversing. The position is good overall with the steering wheel adjusting but the seat can lack support. The luggage pace is a small average with 256 litres but can be expanded. The rear seats are all individual so are very flexible between passengers and luggage and all the seats fold individually but they do not fold flat. The seats all remove but it is awkward to do so. With all the seats out though, the luggage space is expanded to a massive 2610 litre capacity. All Volkswagen Sharan's come as standard with air conditioning and electric front windows plus ABS, 6 airbag and central locking with dead locks, alarm and immobiliser.

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