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Ford Ranger Accessories

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Ford Ranger

From the outside, the Ford Ranger is just a normal pick up truck. From the inside, the Ranger portrays a refined and contemporary look. With high quality leather seats, steering wheel and gearshift the Ford Ranger certainly has got good looks. The Ranger is also renowned for its 4 wheel drive system. When you have taken the vehicle off road, once you are back on road you easily return to 2 wheel drive without having to stop driving, by selecting 4x2 and pressing the dash mounted remote free wheel button. The Ford Ranger performs well off road. A low-ratio gearbox accessed by a small lever next to the regular gear-shifter provides a controlled crawl and there's nothing in the way as the Ranger gets to grips with challenging manoeuvres in the toughest conditions, with 205mm ground clearance and a wading depth of up to 750mm. The Ranger has been tested in harsh environments and been stretched to its limits in the world's hardest locations, in the heat, sand and dust in the Sahara Desert and extreme cold at altitude in the Himalayas. With the Ford Ranger you can reach 62mph in just 12.4 seconds! The Ranger is designed to carry loads of up to 1 tonne, although, as the suspension is designed for load carrying, it isn't always great for passengers comfort. The Ranger has a highly versatile and sizable load space, with a 2 stage tailgate which creates a shelf at 90 degrees. When lowered to the full 180 degrees, a euro pallet can be fork lifted onboard. If that's not enough the Ranger can even safely tow a braked trailer load of 3 tonnes!

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