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Land Rover Range Rover Accessories

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Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover is a luxury vehicle with serious off road ability. The Range Rover is controlled and responsive which results in excellent performance. The interior offers limousine comfort with a modern and sophisticated style, chunky controls and switches and a solid metal finish. Lots of glass in the Range Rover give a light and airy feel and adds to the ride quality. Noise insulation in the cabin is superb, adding to the luxury feel. The front seats have endless adjustment and the rear seats split and fold. This then increases the already huge boot space. The Range Rover is almost 5 meters long, so it's no wonder the boot is so large. With the seats down it has a max capacity of over 2000 litres and the split tailgate makes loading easy for the wide, deep load area. The only downside is that the rear doors are narrow and as the vehicle is high you may need to jump a bit to get in. The Range Rover is also adapted for off road. The adaptive dynamics mean the suspension is continuously adjustable and automatically adapts for road and driving conditions. The Terrain Response is activated by a dial and delivers the optimum driving for 9 different conditions including general on road, grass, gravel, snow and heavy duty such as for mud and ruts. Other features of the Land Rover Range Rover's extensive list include climate control, leather upholstery, cruise control, a touch screen control system CD changer, sat nav, xenon lamps, rain sensors and electric seats and windows.

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