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Audi Q7  Accessories

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Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is an impressive car that can reach 60mph in just 9.1 seconds. With an automatic off road switching and the ability to seat up to 7 people, the Audi Q7 is spacey and stylish. Although the 2 extra seats may have tight legroom and be awkward to get into, the middle row seats are comfy, like a sofa and have plenty of room. The Audi Q7 has a large boot, providing the extra seats are folded away. The features of the Q7 compliment the off road shape of the vehicle. The steering of the Audi Q7 is light, but well weighted. The Servotronic steering is power-steering, with speed-dependent control.

The vehicle has adjustable suspension through the screen on the dash with the settings 'comfort', 'auto', 'dynamic' and 'off-road' although the suspensions are not very stable for a 4x4. The suspension for the Audi Q7 is an Adaptive Air Suspension which is an electronically controlled air suspension with a continuously adaptive damping system for all four wheels which regulates ride height and damping automatically. The suspension modes can be selected on the MMI system. The Audi Q7 has no low-ratio gear set, but has a six-speed tiptronic auto gearing system as standard, but steering-mounted shift buttons are optional. The Audi Q7 features Quattro technology, a full-time four-wheel drive that splits 40/60 to the front/rear axles. When you venture off-road it employs an automatically locking, torque sensing centre diff which sends up to 65% grip to the front or a maximum of 85 to the rear.  The vehicle also has light and rain sensors for automatic activation of headlights and front wipers, which is a discrete, but very useful feature of the Audi Q7.