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Land Rover Land Rover 90 Accessories

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Land Rover Defender 90

The Land Rover 90 is a 1948 vehicle with a facelift. The Land Rover 90 has had modifications inside and out, but still has kept some of its original features. The interior still contains a large steering wheel, and controls for most features are found on the dashboard centre. The engine of the Land Rover 90 has been replaced with the newer 4 cylinder engine which is also used in the For Transit. This engine has a wider torque band and a higher maximum output then the old one. The vehicle now also has a 6 speed gearbox which shows fewer revs at speed so the loud noise while travelling at speed has dramatically been reduced.  The Land Rover 90 also now has forward facing rear seats that fold away, rather then the side facing benches from previous models. When the rear seats are folded away, the load space is generous, although while they are being used there is a lot less. There is a large storage box between the front seats too. The Land Rover 90 is not available with airbags, but has other features such as anti-lock brakes and traction control. Although the safety aspect lets the vehicle down, once again the Land Rover has picked itself up with it's tremendous off road ability. The Land Rover 90 is another Land Rover vehicle that you would find hard to beat in off road skills.

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