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Daewoo Korando Accessories

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Daewoo Korando

The Daewoo Korando was inspired by the later looks of the Jeep Wrangler. Although the Korando does have some styling twists you'll either love or hate. The Daewoo Korando has a traditional style bonnet with narrow set headlights and separate wings that are rounded and have incorporated side lights and indicators. Due to Daewoo's focus on the long nose of the vehicle, the rear overhang is short, and does not allow much luggage room and with 4/5 seated in the vehicle, the load space is especially limited. Although, leg and head room is generous for passengers in the rear and comfortable seats. The seats in the front are also comfortable and there is a good driving position. The Korando features air conditioning and electric windows and even cup holders. The doors automatically lock when the vehicle reaches a speed of 55kmph and unlock when the engine has been switched off. The Daewoo Korando has ABS traction control and a drivers SRS air bag.

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