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Hyundai Hyundai IX35 Accessories

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Hyundai IX35

The Hyundai IX35 is beautifully designed and ingeniously efficient. With all the comfort, space and safety features you would expect, the IX35 has everything you look for in a car. The first thing you will notice about the Hyundai IX35 is the stylish exterior. The sweeping, sculpted lines aren't just aerodynamic, they're designed to turn heads too. The IX35 has a stylish but purposeful look both on the outside and inside. The Hyundai IX35 feels as good as it looks, a lot of thought has gone into creating an inside design that will make driving pleasant.. Heated seats and plenty of legroom make travelling comfy. Seating space also includes clever storage areas. The boot area gives you up to 1436 litres of load space when you fold down the split rear seats. But aswell as looking good, the Hyundai IX35 if safe too! Intelligent safety systems deliver the maximum stability and brake efficiency possible, putting you firmly in control, no matter how tricky the driving conditions. You'll also find six airbags as standard on every Hyundai IX35 to cushion you and your passengers in the event of a collision.

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