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Subaru Forester Accessories

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Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is a high performance vehicle with a tall and boxy look. The glass sun roof stretching over the back of the vehicle gives an open feel. The interior of the vehicle has a sturdy theme, while at the same time being practical and comfy. The front seats have arm rests and head and leg room is generous although not so much if you are in the rear. The rear seats will happily fit 2 adults in and 3 at a squeeze. The rear seats split and fold and significantly increase the boot space once flat, which while up is not much more space than a Ford Focus, but will still happily cope with family needs and has multiple cargo nets. Electric windows and climate control come as standard. The vehicle has 4 wheel drive grip and is generally a good ride. The suspension soaks up the bumps well. The vehicle comes as standard with driver, passenger and side air bags, all wheel drive traction and central locking with dead locks.

Select your Subaru Forester model to find accessories such as front bars and headlamp protectors available for your vehicle.