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Land Rover Discovery Accessories

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Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery made its debut in 1989. Since then the Discovery has had a number of reincarnations with the latest Land Rover product being the Discovery 3. The Land Rover Discovery is an accomplished 4x4 that combines excellent off road capabilities with a high level of luxury and comfort.

At Auto Styling we have a range of accessories for the Discovery that will enhance the vehicles 4x4 off road capabilities, protect the vehicle from physical damage and accessories that will change the look of the Discovery.

Go anywhere, do anything. The Discovery is another one of Land Rovers real capable off roaders. Happy to tackle snow, mud and desert. With its powerful engine and Active Control Enhancement suspension you get stable body control. The ride is comfortable with all bumps soaked up. Once on rough terrain the Discovery really comes out of its shell. Its off road system called Terrain Response, is one of the best around. A dial on the centre of the console controls this and gives the optimum driving set up for nine different conditions through five settings including grass, gravel, sand and snow. There is also a heavy-duty setting which raises the ride height of the vehicle, primarily for mud and ruts. There are three height settings for the suspension and the wading depth of the vehicle is up to 700mm. The suspension on the Discovery is focused on passenger comfort, and even minimises bumps and vibrations on rough and rocky tracks. Inside the Discovery, there is plenty of room for 7 adults to seat comfortably with generous leg and head room. The 5 rear seats also fold away, creating a huge capacity of over 2500 litres space. In the front there are plenty of stowage areas. All Discoveries are full of equipment such as Hill Descent Control, active roll mitigation, dynamic stability control, electronic parking brake and electronic traction control.

Select your Land Rover Discovery model to see a range of accessories such as front bars and headlamp protectors available for your vehicle.