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Land Rover Defender 110 Accessories

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Land Rover Defender 110

The Land Rover Defender 110 is a vehicle that has been around for decades. It is purely unstoppable. The Defender is limited however, in modern gadgets so if you are not used to the vehicle and controls, it may take some getting used to. The air conditioning has several different ventilation functions affecting the air flow to 8 vents. The seats have limited adjustment, so if you are too tall or too short you may find the Defender uncomfortable, or in the back, where it is a seat bench and may be positioned to high for some. But the load area more then makes up for this, with space more then a large estate car. The Land Rover Defender can get from 0-60mph in under 20 seconds, although the engine gets rather noisy, so you may not feel like testing the vehicle to its maximum speed of 87mph. The vehicle has notchy gear change and very few safety features, but the off road standards of the Defender more then make up for it. Off-road the Defender gains a new lease of life, it is in its element. Through mud, gravel, over rocks or wading through a river the Defender is the one for the job.  Battling through some of the toughest conditions in the world the Land Rover Defender truly is an off-road star.

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