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Chevrolet Captiva Accessories

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Chevrolet Captiva

Being American, Chevrolet is usually known for building big, strong people carriers and pick up trucks. The Captiva however, was made and styled in Korea, so it's unlikely that much of the good old American stereotype has influenced the model. The Captiva is loaded with safety features such as side safety airbags, which are standard in this SUV, and ESP is installed which works alongside the all wheel drive package, keeping a tab on any information directed from the steering wheel, tyres, brakes and accelerator pedal and automatically makes important changes controlling the grip of the car. There are many features in the Chevrolet Captiva making the ride safer, aswell as comfier. The Captiva is a 7 seater car, which unlike most cars with the extra seats, gives comfort and space for all passengers. Alike most, the Captiva's extra 2 seats are most suited to children, although they are a lot easier to reach, due to the vehicles big rear doors. Each of the chairs you leave up, reduces the boot space, although these chairs are easily dropped back into the floor until needed, leaving a good-sized boot area. The tailgate opens nice and wide, but you can also just use the pop up rear window to drop bits and pieces into the car. The Chevrolet Captiva is a good ride, but tends to be quite bumpy, as it lacks the ability to soak them up as well as other vehicles in the same range.

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