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Honda CR-V Accessories

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Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is great if you value reliability and depth of engineering. With its car-like driving characteristics and funky styling, the Honda CR-V is a car for everyone. The CR-V offers space for 5 adults to be seated comfortably, the rear seats recline back to create extra leg room. The interior has been designed for flexibility for luggage space. Each of the rear seats folds down using the Honda One Motion mechanism, to open up even more boot space. The double deck luggage area enables you to organise items in the boots and provide easier access to them. The Honda CR-V has lowered centre of gravity, so along with the striking alloy wheels and wider stance, gives the CR-V an agility that's usually only found in 'normal' cars. The CR-V really gives you the best of both worlds. It has the security of a high driving position and 4 wheel drive, as you would expect in an SUV. And there's no compromising when it comes to space and practicality. But the CR-V's stability and road handling provide a more saloon-like ride.

"Arguably the best on-road four-wheel-drive vehicle that also has a decent amount of ground clearance is the Honda CR-V. The CR-V 2.2 diesel is strong and delivers around 42mpg. Inside is the usual commanding driving position with comfy seats and the biggest cabin compared with any rival 4x4 of its size in its time. The boot is big enough even before you start folding the seats. Importantly the rear seats slide to give more or less boot or rear leg room." (The Independent)

1) I wanted to let you know this is my first Honda and love it all round. The style, the performance, the room, the quality. But what does it for me is the two tier boot, just what I need for the things I have to carry around every day for my business. They say the simple ideas are the best and in this case its true. Love it.

2)  I have had mine a week now and am delighted with it. It has lots of great features and I would recommend this car to anyone. I have had a lot of compliments on my car too and I can't believe that anyone would think it was ugly, as one opinion on this site said. It is a beautiful car.

3)  I have now owned my CR-V, from new, for 12 months. I had been a Land Rover customer for 10+ years but wanted a change, so I bought the new CR-V: my first Honda. I am absolutely delighted. I'm still not dead sure about the look of the exterior but the interior is fab and this car drives like a dream. It's lighter to drive and park and just plain easier and more fun (and more reliable) than my Freelanders. I'm rather fussy and hard to please, especially when I've spent a lot of money (it doesn't take major stuff - just creaks and squeaks drive me mad) but I am delighted with this car.

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