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Citroen C-Crosser Accessories

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Citreon C Crosser

Citroen made an excellent first try at an off roader, by producing the C-Crosser. The Citroen C-Crosser is great to drive, and its CO2 emissions are lowest in its class. The C-Crosser has a Dual Clutch System gearbox, an automatic with a paddleshift which means the vehicles drive is exceptionally smooth and comfortable. Once you switch to 4x4 mode, you've got the ability to go anywhere in this vehicle, although the suspension can tend to feel stiff over bumpy terrain. The Citroen C-Crosser is an SUV that brings together elegant styling, versatility, impeccable road manners and a high-performance engine. The vehicle is a big and roomy car, which can happily seat 5 people with plenty of head and leg room. An option of 2 extra seats in the back is there, but once again, are only ideally suited to children. But then again, the Citroen describes the car as a 5+2 rather than a 7 seater. Leg and head room is limited in the third row of seats, which is why it is best for children, but if you sit in the middle row, you certainly won't go short of luxury. The leather seats are comfortable and supportive, with a reclining feature. Electric windows and climate control are also part of the cars luxury features. The C-Crosser has light steering, and is a pleasant car to drive.

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