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VW  Amarok Accessories

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Volkswagen Amarok

The Volkswagen Amarok comes with a 2 litre engine with the option of either a 120bhp or 161bhp turbo. The Amarok is a safe and robust vehicle and suprisingly efficient. The usual driving experience of the previous Amarok's lacks, with vague steering and slow gearchange letting it down but nevertheless the VW Amarok has fantastic off-road ability. The Amarok can reach 0-60mph in a decent 11.2 seconds and has none of those creaks and rattles a lot of vehicles have as your rocketing around off road terrain. Besides being an excellent off-road driver, the Amarok has a very practical load area of 2.52m2 which means a standard pallete can simply been slid into the bed. The bed can hold 862kg of weight but if you opt for your Amarok to be fitted with heavy duty springs you will be able to hold a massive 1.15 tonnes. The towing capability of the Amarok is currently an outstanding 2.8 tonnes but Volkswagen haven't stopped there, the huge dimensions of the vehicle show great positivity for the possibility for the Amarok to tow more, so Volkswagen are working to make sure it is built to tow more, possibly more then all the other vehicles it is in competition with. The rear seats in the cab fold to create space for those items you want to keep more secure or dry, or maybe just when you have filled your loadbed! The VW Amarok comes as standard with 4 airbags and anti skid control.

Select your VW Amarok model to find accessories such as hard tops, tonneau covers and bed liners available for your vehicle.

The Volkswagon Amarok Collection