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Universal Accessories

Our Range of Universal Accessories

Auto Styling stocks a wide range of universal products that fit a variety of vehicles, saving you the hassle of finding items such as seat covers specifically to fit your vehicle. We sell universal products for a range of requirements such as for cars, vans and 4x4's, off-road environments, the holiday makers and workers who just need a safe and handy toolbox.
4x4 Off-road

Auto Styling stocks a range of 4x4 off-road products including 4x4 offroad jacks. All our vehicle jacks are from the high quality 'Hi-Lift' range which are designed to help you, even in the harshest conditions and put you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, winching and clamping. Also available is a range of 4x4 jack accessories which include all the products you could possibly want to go with your jack.

Carrying Systems

Our range of carrying systems includes bike carriers, ski carriers and even water sports carriers. We supply bike carriers that fit onto your towball, rear mounting bike carriers and even indoor adaptors. Our water sports and ski carriers are more reliable than most and can be offered for a variety of objects including kayaks and canoes. All our Thule carrying systems are easy to mount, easy to store and extremely versatile. Robust, stylish and safe our Thule carrying systems won't let you down.

External Protection

Auto Styling UK stocks car covers to provide external protection to your vehicle. Our heavy duty car covers are perfect for protecting your vehicle from the weather, whether it be sun, snow or rain. We stock car covers in a selection of sizes so it is likely you will find a cover to fit your vehicle perfectly. We also stock an anti-frost windscreen cover, protecting your windscreen from cold and frosty mornings, this will fit most vehicles.

Interior Protection

It's important to keep the inside of your vehicle looking as good as the outside, so here at Auto Styling we stock a range of seat covers and floor mats to protect the inside of your vehicle keeping it in pristine condition. Our range of universal seat covers are available for both the front and rear and are waterproof and washable. We have a range of car mats including mud mats, heavy duty mats and a selection of tailor made mats.


Auto Styling stock a range of lights from the well-known Hella brand. Front lights with brackets can be attached to a front bar for enhanced visibility and this in turn creates an eye catching look. Hella lights are the perfect addition for your vehicle and we stock single lights, pairs, blue lights, clear lights and even micro lights. Our light accessories include lamp clamps allowing you to fix lights onto your fron. bar. These clamps are available in a variety of sizes, fitting a range of different front bars. View our spot and fog lamps or spotlight accessories.

Pick-Up Bed Accessories

Our universal pick-up bed accessories includes a range of toolboxes. These toolboxes are designed to be secure and keep your tools dry and hidden. We stock toolboxes in all different sizes so if you've got power tools or even a lawn strimmer there's a toolbox for you. We also stock a wheel kit which is a great addition to your toolbox. These heavy duty wheels are easy to fit onto your toolbox and enable you to wheel it.

Rear Styling

Our range of rear styling accessories includes a selection of wheel covers for the spare wheel of your vehicle. Whether you are looking for black or silver, hard, soft, stainless or lockable we have all of these wheel covers in a variety of sizes. Take a look at our wheel covers to see what you could be putting onto your vehicle to make your spare wheel look complimenting.

Roof Carrying Systems

Our roof carrying systems, whether it be roof bars, roof boxes or roof accessories all come from the world class Thule range. With a wide range of options to choose from such as different load feet, roof boxes with a range of capacities and even accessories to just simply make your life easier, you will not be disappointed with any of our roof carrying systems.

Vehicle Winches

Auto Styling stocks a selection of vehicle winches from the premium Warn range. We supply winches designed for all different uses, vehicles and conditions. These heavy duty winches will not let you down in the most demanding conditions. We also stock winch accessories which include winch lines, hooks and wireless remotes which are all designed to help you let the winch do the hard work and prove it's worthwhile.

Snow Socks

Winter months are coming in fast and you will soon be worrying about being caught short in the snow. Well now everybody can have a get out of jail free card with snow socks. Snow socks are an innovative design to allow you to drive confidently in the snow and ice. They are designed to improve grip, stopping your wheels from spinning and sliding. Auto Styling has snow socks for over 400 different tyre sizes so there is sure to be snow socks to fit your vehicle.