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Car Accessories UK : Including Car Mats, Car Seat Covers and Car Styling

About Our Range of Car & MPV Accessories

Auto Styling has a range of high quality accessories for cars and mpv's which includes a range of both interior and exterior car accessories and car styling accessories.
Our car accessories range includes:

Interior Car Accessories

Seat Covers

Seat covers are perfect for protecting the upholstery inside your car. The universal seat covers are waterproof and ideal if you have dogs or children, protecting your seats from muddy, sticky, wet stains.

Car Mats

Car mats protect the footwells of your car. Car mats will catch any mud and water that would otherwise be trod into the vehicles carpet. Most of our car mats can be trimmed down to size for a perfect fit.

Car Styling Accessories

Front Grilles

Front grilles make a first great impression. Being as though the grille is usually one of the first things you will notice, having a stainless steel grille fitted your car is bound to catch people's eye. A front grille will complement your cars design.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are the perfect accessory for your car. They allow you to open your window partially and avoid the wind and rain blowing into your vehicle. Perfect if you regularly need to take your dogs in the car. Wind Deflectors offer added protection for your electric window switches and interior trim as well as enhancing your vehicles styling. Our wind deflectors are contoured to each vehicles window perfectly.

Exterior Car Accessories

Bumper Protectors

Made from high quality stainless steel, bumper protectors give excellent protection for your vehicle whether it is front, rear or even both. Bumper protectors also look great giving your car extra style.

Sill Guards

Self-adhesive, high quality sill guards look great while protecting your vehicle from scuffs and everyday use.

Bonnet Guards

Bonnet guards protect the leading edge of the bonnet from stone chips. The EGR bonnet guards are individually designed to follow the contours of each vehicle ensuring they fit perfectly and provide maximum protection for the bonnet of your car preventing damage to your expensive paintwork. They are also a great way to enhance your vehicles style.

Headlamp Protectors

Our range of headlamp protectors are the perfect solution for avoiding expensive headlight damage and replacement on your vehicle. Cost effective and discrete, the headlamp protectors blend in perfectly and can be installed securely in seconds and yet they won't break your bank! Headlamp protectors offer protection from stones and other debris but can be removed quickly for cleaning.

Tow Bars

Tow bars make your car compatible to tow items such as trailers and caravans. You have the option of standard and twin-electric tow bars which allow use of indicators and lights on the back of such items. All of our range of tow bars are from the well-known Witter brand. Witter provides top of the range, reliable tow bars.

Roof Carrying Systems

Roof bars and roof rails are the ideal accessories for your car if you regularly run out of luggage space. They allow you to carry loads on top of your car, freeing up inside luggage space. Some of our roof bars, from the brand 'Thule' allow different fitments for items such as roof boxes.