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4X4 & Pick Up Accessories

About Our Range of 4x4 & Pick Up Accessories

Auto Styling has an extensive range of high quality 4x4 and pick-up accessories including plastic, chrome and stainless steel accessories.
Our 4x4 pick-up accessories range includes:
  • Front bars
  • Bonnet guards
  • Headlamp protectors
  • Bedliners
  • Hard tops
  • Roll bars
  • Tonneau covers
  • Toolboxes
  • Side bars and side steps
  • Wind deflectors
Front Bars

Front bars create a head turning look for your 4x4 whilst providing excellent protection for the front of the vehicle. All of our front bars are EU compliant.

Headlamp Protectors

Our range of headlamp protectors are the perfect solution for avoiding expensive headlight damage and replacement on your vehicle. Cost effective and discrete, the headlamp protectors blend in perfectly and can be installed securely in seconds and yet they won't break your bank! Headlamp protectors offer protection from stones and other debris but can be removed quickly for cleaning.


There are so many pick-ups on the road without a bedliner. When you look at the bigger picture, a bedliner is surprisingly cheap and a very worthwhile investment. Protecting your loadbed from scratches and dents and absorbing bumps a bedliner preserves the value of the vehicle by avoiding unnecessary damage to the bed. Our bedliner range includes plastic polyethylene bedliners, aluminium bedliners and even carpet bedliners.

Hard Tops

Auto Styling UK manufacture and stock a wide range of hardtops for virtually all pick-ups and all personalities. These hardtops are only available from Auto Styling UK and its authorised distributors. You can add accessories such as roof vents, window grilles and even select a high roof depending on your individual needs for the loadbed of your pick-up.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers are ideal for pick-up loadbeds, whether you just want to cover low value cargo and protect against the weather or lock shopping and valuable tools away securely, there's a tonneau cover for you. Hard, soft, aluminium, roll and lock and tonneau covers compatible with roll bars, we have them all!

Side Steps and Bars

Auto Styling's side bars and side steps are a great addition to your car. Our side steps are sure to enhance the look and practicality of your car and promote easy access to your vehicle.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are the perfect accessory for your car. They allow you to open your window partially and avoid the wind and rain blowing into your vehicle. Perfect if you regularly need to take your dogs in the car. Wind Deflectors offer added protection for your electric window switches and interior trim as well as enhancing your vehicles styling. Our wind deflectors are contoured to each vehicles window perfectly.


Auto Styling UK has a selection of safe storage solutions for your tools. The MaxBox toolboxes are the perfect solution to carrying expensive tools securely. The toolboxes are safe and highly secure and also waterproof so your tools won't get wet! Our range of toolboxes allow easy organisation of your tools and easy access for you.