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Wind Deflectors & Rain Guards for Cars & 4X4's

Please select a vehicle manufacturer from the list below to view the available Wind Deflectors for it.

Our Range of Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors are the ideal accessory whether you have a car, van, 4x4 or pick-up. Wind deflectors allow to partially open the windows for fresh air and avoid gales blowing through your vehicle.

By fitting wind deflectors to your vehicle you can avoid ruining electric window switches and the interior trim from rain coming in. When you need to reduce muggy heat build-up in the car, just open the window as far as the wind deflector and you can get cool air circulation and the rain will be deflected away from the open window. Wind deflectors are particularly ideal if you have dogs. When you need to leave them inside the vehicle for any reason you can partially open the window and not have to worry about thieves noticing that the window is open.

Auto Styling stocks two types of wind deflectors. In-channel wind deflectors and adhesive wind deflectors although the in-channel are only available for the front windows of your vehicle.

Fitting Wind Deflectors

In Channel Wind Deflectors

In Channel Wind Deflectors

In channel wind deflectors are designed to be fitted into the window channels. Each of the wind deflectors is specifically designed and moulded to the vehicle's window channels for a perfect fit and are easily fitted by simply being pushed up into the channel. The in-channel wind deflectors do not stop you from fully closing your window as the window will close into the channel alongside the wind deflector. The in channel wind deflectors come in a front pair for your vehicle.

Adhesive Wind Deflectors

Adhesive (Stick on) Wind Deflectors

The adhesive wind deflectors are stuck straight onto the vehicle just above the window. They are fixed using an adhesive automotive tape. These wind deflectors will remain stuck for as long as you choose to keep them but they can still simply be removed using a heat source such as a hairdryer or heat gun. The stick on wind deflectors are available in pairs for either the front or rear of your vehicle and can also be bought as a quad set.

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