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4x4 Spare Wheel & Rear Wheel Covers

Please select a vehicle manufacturer from the list below to view the available Wheel Covers for it.

Wheel covers improve both the look and security of your spare wheel. Auto Styling's range of spare wheel covers includes hard, soft and stainless steel covers. If your 4x4 features an exterior spare wheel then fitting a wheel cover will improve the visual aesthetics, in-keeping with the stylish look of your 4x4.

Cobra Wheel Cover

Cobra Wheel Covers

These covers have a high quality stainless steel finish with an ABS centre plate. They are easy to fit and specifically designed to each vehicle.

Hard Wheel Cover

ASX Hard Face Wheel Covers

These wheel covers are composed of a black ABS moulded disk with an elasticated soft vinyl outer layer which ensures a snug, neat fit.

Soft Wheel Cover

Black Soft Vinyl Wheel Covers

These flexible reinforced vinyl covers fit snugly around the spare wheel and hold in place with an elasticated rear cuff. These wheel covers are waterproof, washable and economical.

Stainless Steel Wheel Cover

Stainless Steel Wheel Covers

These stainless steel covers include either a black or silver centre disk. These lockable wheel covers improve the look of your spare wheel and the security with an integral lock with 2 keys. The outer ring is stainless steel while the centre disk is made from a high gloss plastic.

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