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Wheel Arch Kits, Flaring & Flares

Please select a vehicle manufacturer from the list below to view the available Wheel Arch Kits for it.

Wheel arch extensions, sometimes known as fender flares or wheel arch protection are a combination of practical bodywork protection and a customised appearance. Wheel arch trims protect from mud, road dirt and debris. Wheel arch extensions are available for a variety of vehicles, adding style to your car, 4x4 or pick-up. All of our wheel arch kits come with fitting kits and instructions.

ASX Wheel Arch Extensions

ASX Wheel Arch Extensions

ASX wheel arch extensions are available in a front or rear pair. The wheel arch extensions have a unique design and construction, made by a team of highly skilled designers, technicians and craftsmen. The ASX wheel arches are made from extra strength fibreglass and are designed to fit closely to the vehicle for a seamless appearance.

Cobra Wheel Arches

Cobra Wheel Arch Kits

Cobra wheel arch kits are made from ABS black plastic and can easily be colour coded to your vehicle. Cobra wheel arches are ideal for wider wheels/tyres.

Delta Wheel Arches

Delta Fender Flares

Delta wheel arches or fender flares are also available. These are made from either fibreglass or ABS material.

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