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Tow Bars for Cars, Vans, 4X4's & Pickup Trucks

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All of Auto Styling's range of tow bars are from the popular Witter brand. Witter is a top of the range brand with assured quality that won't let you down. Our range is available for a wide variety of vehicles, this includes towbars for cars, vans, 4x4's and pick-ups. Witter tow bars have been constructed and approved for all major vehicle manufacturers. Most of the towbars available can be removed from the vehicle and stored in a safe place while it is unattended. Standard and twin electrics are available. Twin electrics are ideal for towing caravans as they allow indicators and brake lights to work along with any in-caravan appliances such as fridges. Twin electrics are also used to wire up an audible buzzer.

Towbar Detachable Flange

Detachable Flange Towbars

This towbar offers the versatility of a fixed flange towbar but leaves very little of the towbar visible when detached.

  • Tow and carry cycles at the same time
  • Towball is removed when not in use preserving 'shins'
  • Won't trigger reversing sensors when not towing
Towbar Detachable Swan Neck

Detachable Swan Neck Towbar

Mainly used in Europe and slimmer than a flange bar this style was the first to offer a detachable version.

  • Towball is removed when not in use preserving 'shins'
  • Unrestricted access to the boot
  • Won't trigger reversing sensors when not towing
Fixed Flange Ball Tow Bar

Fixed Flange Ball Towbar

Traditionally used in the UK for all serious forms of towing and generally the most cost effective option. A 50mm towball is bolted to a two or four hole plate.

  • Tow and carry cycles at the same time
  • Towing height can be adjusted on the four-hole plate
Fixed Swan Neck Tow Bar

Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

Mainly used outside the UK and is the least flexible design to no additional accessories can be used.

  • Less likely to trigger reversing sensors
  • Cannot be fitted with a bumper shield
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