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4x4 Tool Boxes for Pickup & Truck Beds

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MAX toolboxes are designed to fit into the bed of your pick-up truck. MAX are a world leading automotive accessory manufacturer who carry out consistent research and development to deliver highly dependable, reliable products. All MAX toolboxes are designed to be high security. The tough and durable toolboxes are composed of thermoformed polyethylene and are heavy duty slash proof. The toolboxes feature a high security locking system. All MAX toolboxes are waterproof, keeping the contents of your toolbox safe and dry. Toolboxes are not only ideal for locking away your expensive and valuable tools, but are also handy if you have shopping bags or other goods that you don't want to leave in your open pick-up bed. All of the MAX toolboxes have an extra UV protection coat and ribbed rain channels to prevent water from pooling and possibly leaking inside the toolbox. The toolboxes are installed without any need to drill your truck.

Concorde Toolbox

MAX Concorde 1 Toolbox

The MAX Concorde 1 toolbox features on large front opening lid. This is ideal if you have larger items to fit into your tool box. The Concorde has an interior tool tray for you to keep your tools organised.

Maxbox Tool Box

MAX Concorde 2 Toolbox

The MAX Concorde 2 toolbox has to front opening lids. The twin vault chambers allow organisation like a regular tool box and is easier to access items from the side of your pick-up. The Concorde 2 has an interior tool tray for easy organisation.

Maxbox Tool Boxes

Phantom Gull Wing Toolbox

MAX Phantom Gull Wing Toolbox

The Phantom Gullwing toolbox is the only of the MAX toolbox range with side opening lids. These lids allow easy access to the tool box, particularly if you want to save hassle and access the toolbox directly from the side of your pick-up.

Maxbox Toolbox

MaxBox Concorde Xtra V Shape

The MAX Concorde V Shape is the newest model from the Concorde series. Concorde V shape provides a sharp appearance and plenty of safe space for your belongings. The single lid crossover utility box provides easy access to the whole box. The MAX Concorde V Shape features a special design and compatible to vehicles with sports bars. Helps organise small parts and tools by removable storage compartments. The ideal extra storage with added security.

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