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Mazda Skid Plates

Please select the Mazda model from the list below to view the available Skid Plates for it.

Auto Styling features one of the most complete ranges of skid plates for your Mazda.

  • Aluminium Skid PlatesASX-skid-plate-3mm-engine-plate-fitted-profile
  • Steel Skid Plates

Mazda Skid Plates, often known as sump guards attach to the undercarriage of a vehicle to prevent damage to key components in the underside such as the engine bay and transmission case.

  • Mazda Engine Bay Skid Plates
  • MazdaTransmission Case Skid Plates
  • Mazda Transfer Box Skid Plates
  • Mazda Fuel Tank Skid Plates

Our skid plate range is great for Mazda underbody protection and underride protection. On an off-road trail it can be easy to run across rough terrain and damage the underbody.

  • Mazda Sump Guards
  • Mazda Axle Protectors

We chose our skid plates because they have been built using the highest technology to mount easily and quickly with existing fixing points and are both incredibly light and incredibly tough.

Mazda Skid plates are ideal for building sites, quarries and any harsh terrain.

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