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Mercedes Roof Bars

Please select the Mercedes model from the list below to view the available Roof Bars for it.

Roof Carrying Systems

Here at AutoStyling, quality is imperative, that is why we supply Thule roof bars. Thule are the leading global developers of load carriers. Thule's cross bars have been a classic design for decades and the most trusted manufacturer in luggage carrying solutions.

The versatile roof bars can be fitted to your Mercedes roof rails, T track systems or straight onto the roof itself securelyThule-Roof-Bars-Traditional-Black

Thule's truck racks are sure to not scratch or damage your Mercedes as unlike many universal cross bars on the market, Thule's roof rails are designed specifically for your Mercedes. Thule's roof bars are a perfect solution for luggage carrying, transporting surf boards, skiis, snowboards, kayaks and canoes or ladders, logs or roof boxes.

The stylish aero Mercedes load carriers are extremely aerodynamic and look great, Made with the highest quality aluminium, the aero roof bars are ideal for your Mercedes carrying needs.


We also offer Thule traditional cross bars, extremely secure and excellent value for money. Securing a Mercedes roofbox is no hassle with our Thule roof bars. There are roof rack systems which work with Hardtops, Aluminium tonneau covers; (full wrap and side rails) and various other pick-up accessories.

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