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4x4 Power Boxes for Pick Up Trucks

Please select a vehicle manufacturer from the list below to view the available Powerbox for it.

If you want to boost your 4x4's performance we have an engine management system specific for your vehicle.

Our Power Boxes work with the fuel sensors on your 4x4 to optimise fuel injection. By calculating the exact timing and duration of fuel injections these modules can provide additional power and torque throughout the entire rev range.

Auto Styling Power Boxes are 100% independent from the vehicle's hardware module. This makes them:

  • Quick to fit
  • Simple to disconnect without any additional changes
  • Provide no interference to existing vehicle components

Power Box Example:

Hyundai Santa Fe
Power: 155BHP to 186BHP
Torque: 343NM to 412NM
(114kw to 137kw)

Nissan Pathfinder and Navara
Power: 155BHP to 212BHP
Torque: 403NM to 484NM
(128kw to 156kw)

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