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Hard Tops & Canopies For Pickup Trucks

Please select your pickup model from the list below to view the hardtops available for it.

Our Range of 4x4 Hardtops

Auto Styling manufactures and stocks hardtops for a wide range of pick-ups. Whether you want a practical work hard top, a luxury, fully accessorised hardtop or even a sporty style top we have a pickup hardtop for you. The majority of our flush hardtops will improve fuel consumption, so over time they will practically pay for themselves.

The majority of pickup hardtops we sell here at Auto Styling are designed and manufactured within the UK. Our factory is based in the West Midlands where our workforce strive to provide the oustanding quality, British built canopies you expect.

Hardtop Fuel Efficency Test

The following hardtops are only available from Auto Styling UK and its authorised distributors:

Truckman Classic High Top

Truckman High Roof Hardtops

These tops are ideal if you use your pick-up as a work horse. They are sturdy hardtops, boasting the strongest tailgate of any top in the world and being high roof allow for a larger load capacity. The Truckman high roof canopy is available with solid sides, left side access, right side access and double side access doors. These Truckman tops are British built and are in fact built from right here in our West Midlands based factory to an outstanding quality.

Truckman Grand Solid Sided Hard Top

Truckman Grand, GLS, S-Series, Solid Sided

These Truckman hardtops are some of our most fully featured tops. They are flush with the cab of your vehicle and painted to the manufacturers paint codes. These Truckman tops all feature remote locking, an automatic interior light and roof bars plus additional extras specific to each top.

Truckman Grand Luxury Hardtop Features and Benefits


Truckman AerotopTruckman AeroTop

The Truckman AeroTops are non-drill hardtops that are flush with the cab of the vehicle. The AeroTop RS is designed to appeal to both leisure and commercial markets. The AeroTop SE is a luxury top appealing to the leisure market. This hardtop is fully featured. The AeroTop SX is the most advanced hardtop in terms of styling and features.

Maxtop Hardtop

MaxTop Series 1.1

The Max 1.1 Series Hardtop is a non-drill installation and features a glass bulkhead window. Maxtop represents a perfectly consistent blend of evolutionary technology and luxury improvement. It's extremely tough, durable and light weight. The Max 1.1 Hardtop offers a twin locking system, sliding side tinted windows and a high level brake light.

Max 8 Series Hardtop

Max 8 Series

The Max 8 Series Hardtop features pop out side tinted windows with a carpet lined interior, high level brake lights and a twin locking system. Maxtop represents a perfectly consistent blend of evolutionary technology and luxury improvement. This cab high top is made to be flush with your truck's cab, therefore giving the appearance of being a continuation. The Max 8 Series is easy to fit, simple installation when fitted with a MaxLiner.

Accessories for your hardtop include pop-up and rotating roof vents, security grilles, meshes and tinting. Roof vents allow airflow into the bed of your pick-up if you need to reduce heat build-up or the build-up of dangerous fumes or even if your pet just needs fresh air. Security grilles can obstruct the view of prying eyes and deter thieves. Tinted windows are ideal for concealing the load inside your pick up top, making it difficult to see inside the loadbed.

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