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Car Mats, Floor Mats & Mud Mats

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Floor mats are designed to keep the footwells of your vehicle clean, dry and looking as good as new. Auto Styling sells a range of mats from car mats, van mats and mats for your 4x4's and pick-ups. All of our floor mats come in a set of both front and rear mats.

Car Floor Mats

Auto Styling stocks a variety of universal car mats. The range includes mud mats, luxury floor mats and heavy duty floor mats. The heavy duty mats and mud mats are both rubber car mats and are designed to be longer lasting and more durable than standard carpet mats. The range of car mats will keep your car's carpet in top condition.

Van Floor Mats

The van floor mats are from the range of universal van mats. If you want hard wearing and tough mats that can deal with your everyday working needs then the rubber mud mats or heavy duty floor mats are ideal. Luxury floor mats are also available which provide the reliability of the rubber mat but with the touch of luxury with carpet inserts.

4x4 and Pick-Up Floor Mats

Pick-ups and 4x4's have the widest variety of mats. Not only is there the option of the Universal floor mats, you also have the choice of automats and diplomats which are wallet-friendly, tailor made carpet mats that have the look of more luxury mats. You can also choose MAX tailored mats which have high edges to trap the likes of snow and mud.

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