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VW  Amarok Load Liners / Bedliners

Below is a list of all our VW  Amarok Load Liners / Bedliners.
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Volkswagen Amarok Bedliners

Bedliners protect the bed of your Volkswagen Amarok truck from damages. Damages accumulate over time and no matter what you use your Amarok's load bed for: work equipment, gardening or even for your dogs, dents and scratches are unavoidable without protection. You wouldn't replace the bed of your Amarok so a VW load liner is a good alternative. They optimise protection, proving a cost effective option for preserving your truck bed. Auto Styling's range of bed liners for Volkswagen Amarok include MAX liners and BedRug carpet bedliners.

If you have, or are planning to fit your Volkswagen Amarok with a hardtop or tonneau cover then the best option would be an under rail liner. These bedliners do not lip over the rail of your Amarok bed, allowing easy fitment of any bed cover accessories. If you opt for an over rail bedliner with the mind that you will get a hardtop or tonneau cover in the near future, you may end up having to trim it down to an under rail bedliner anyway which could look messy and be a lot of hassle.

If you do not want to fit a tonneau cover or hardtop to your VW Amarok, an over rail bedliner is ideal. These liners reach over the rail of your Amarok providing ultimate protection. If you ever need to rest heavy items on the edge or catch the edge accidently, by having the protection of the over rail bed liner any damages that would otherwise be to your VW Amarok will now be absorbed by the bedliner.

Amarok Max Liner

MAX Bedliners

MAX is a world-leading automotive accessory manufacturer who strive to deliver reliable and highly dependable products. MAX bedliners will prevent your Amarok's bed from becoming dented and scratched. The MAX bedliners are thicker than most other bedliners on the market and are grooved to prevent water pooling. MAX bedliners are designed to allow airflow underneath, preventing moisture build-up and therefore preventing rust.

MAX Bedliners feature:

  • Flexible and strong
  • Composed of high density polyethylene
  • Heavy duty
  • Easily inserted
  • Moulded specifically to the VW Amarok bed
VW Amarok Bed Rug

BedRug Carpet Bedliners

The BedRug carpet bedliners are tough but gentle liners. They protect your VW Amarok loadbed whilst providing a tough work surface. BedRug bedliners are formed to the contours of the Vw Amarok for a perfect fit and won't absorb water.

BedRug Carpet Bed liners Feature:

  • Made of 100% polypropylene
  • Water, stain and even acid resistant
  • Non-slip surface
  • Easy to fit
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