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Universal Car Covers and Windscreen Covers for Cars, MPV's and 4x4's

The products listed below are universal and are designed to fit or be used with any vehicle.

Below is a list of all our products for the  Car Covers.
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Car Cover

Our range of car covers are all easy to fit and will protect your vehicle from rain, dust and UV light. They are made from breathable fabric and are waterproof. Car covers are ideal for example, if you are going on holiday and your vehicle is going to be sat outside for a week or two. By using a car cover you can prevent your car from dirt and leaves that may have been carried along by the wind, bird droppings, rain marks and protect your paintwork from fading by being sat in the sun for so long. Car covers are also ideal where you keep your car in a garage. We all know how dusty it can get in your garage, so imagine what your car will be like after sitting in the garage for a weekend! Stick a car cover on and your problem is solved.

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