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Toolbox MaxBox Concorde EXTRA

MAX Liner
Toolbox MaxBox Concorde EXTRA 2
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Product Information
Toolbox MaxBox Concorde EXTRAMax Concorde Extra Tool Box is designed for the deeper beds of the newer pick-ups. MAXBox Tool Box storage spaces from the ASX 4x4 Accessory range are the perfect solution to carrying expensive tools securely. The Max Concorde EXTRA Tool Box is a high security waterproof toolbox for open bed pick ups. Keep your tools safe in the bed of your 4x4 pickup truck with a Max Tool Box.
    Ribbed Rain Channels
    Larger Storage Space for deeper pick up beds
    Thermoformed Polyethylene Structure
    Extra UV Protection Coat
    1400mm wide x 540mm deep x 540mm high
    Interior Tool Tray
    High security locking system
The MAXBox Concorde EXTRA Tool Box has a large front opening lid for easy access to your tools in the bed of your 4x4 pick-up. The extra space available in the MAX Tool Box allows for a larger volume of tools to be carried in the bed of the pickup. The Max Tool Box EXTRA for pick up beds provides safe storage for valuable tools. Composed of Thermoformed Polyethylene, the MAX Tool Box Vault is light tough and durable. The Heavy Duty Slash Proof Shell of the MAX lockable storage tool box is the safest way to carry tools in the bed of your 4x4 pickup. The MAX tool carrier toolbox can be installed without the use of a drill when mounted with the ASX 4x4 Accessory MAX Liner. High Ribbed Rain Channels in the MAXbox Toolbox EXTRA keeps rain away from the valuable content of your tool box. Secure Storage for your tools can be achieved using the MAX tool box EXTRA, with a high security locking system and a slash proof shell, carrying tools in the bed of your 4x4 pick up bed couldn't be easier. MAX Liner Bed Liners are the perfect accompaniment to a MAX Tool Box.
Product Code: RTBMCONX
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