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Steinbauer Power Module L200 Mk6-8 (06 on) 220148

Steinbauer Power Module L200 Mk6-8 (2006 on) 220148 BHP 134, 175, 152 & 178
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Product Information

Looking for a fuel-efficient way to increase power to your Mitsubishi L200?


  • Increases power to the engine by around 20%
  • Power is activated at around 65% of power demand (reducing unnecessary excessive fuel usage)
  • Simple and easy to fit- Plug and Play
  • Adjustable power gain
  • Can be fitted with an on/off switch (Sold Separately)
  • Ideal for off-roading/towing

  • Product Information

    The Steinbauer Performance Power Enhancement is an electronic module, this is plugged directly into the existing engine electrics of the Mitsubishi L200 increasing the power of the engine by around 20%. Steinbauer Power Enhancement is considered the most fuel-efficient module on the market, the unit becomes active at around 65% of power demand, this ensures you do not waste excessive amounts of fuel when it's not needed.

    The Steinbauer Power Enhancement system has undergone extensive worldwide testing and uses a patented design. Other systems currently on the market increase the injection pressure in order to create more power, exceeding the engines safety parameters and potentially causing damage. Steinbauer power module however, works within the engines safety parameters of your Mitsubishi L200 and instead lengthens the injection time by a measure amount leading to more power, whilst protecting the engine.


    The Steinbauer Performance enhancement modules can be fitted simply and easily due to the plug and play installation. It is advised that your key should be withdrawn from the ignition and battery disconnected before fitting, and to make sure the module and wiring loom is not placed next to hot or sharp engine parts once fitted. All the modules come with however, we do have a dedicated team of fitters who can give you additional advice or fit the module for you.

    Product Code: 4XT5DMIL6
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