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Jack Rabbit Roller Shutter Tonneau Cover for Ford Ranger and Mazda BT-50 (2006 on) Double Cab WITH a Ladder Rack

Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit Roll Cover Ranger Mk3, BT-50(2006 on) Double Cab With Ladder Rack Only
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Product Information

The Jack Rabbit Tonneau Cover has interlocking ArmorTek panels. These are composed of weather-resistant padded polymer, laminated to rigid aluminium panels that glide along black powder-coated side rails.

The Jack Rabbit can be locked into place every 30cm so if you have an awkward or large load, you do not need to leave your Ford Ranger load bed fully open and visible. The Latch and Lock handle on the Jack Rabbit Roll Cover is custom built, it prevents water from entering the lock mechanism and freezing during colder months.

The Jack Rabbit Tonneau Cover includes drain tubes which are designed to channel water outside your Ford Ranger pick-up truck. Some water may intrude through parts that are not features of the Jack Rabbit, for instance through the tailgate but this can be minimised by the correct sealing during installation.

Jack Rabbit Roll Cover for Ford Ranger features:

  • Made of Aluminium ArmorTek panels
  • Latch and lock handle
  • Can be locked into position every 30cm
  • Designed to channel water outside of the load bed
  • Non-drill Speed Clamp fitting system
  • Easy installation
  • Will only fit a Ford Ranger WITH a ladder rack

No drilling is required to fit the Jack Rabbit to your Ford Ranger. The Jack Rabbit is fitted by using the non-drill speed clamp system. Installing the Jack Rabbit isn't hard, taking some experienced fitters just 20 minutes to fit, although fitting a Jack Rabbit for the first time may take up to 2 hours to do correctly.

The Jack Rabbit works by sliding along rails which are mounted to the sides of your Ford Ranger into a canister at the front of your load bed. This then rolls round a reel inside the canister with the help of a coil spring which maintains tensions on the cover at all times, making it easy to open. The canister is not large and fits extremely flush with the bed of your Ford Ranger.

Fuel consumption is improved by as much as 7 - 10% due to the Jack Rabbit Roll Cover sitting flush to your Ford Ranger and wind resistance being decreased.

Pace Edwards are a continuously growing company within the pick-up truck accessory market. They are a premium brand who are constantly engaging customers in design. Pace Edwards assures quality and function in their innovative designs such as the Jack Rabbit Roller Shutter Tonneau Cover.

Product Code: 8REFORA3DK
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