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Quad Set of Dark Smoke Wind Deflectors for Kia Sportage (2005-2010)

Quad Set Wind Deflectors ASX Dark Smoke Sportage Mk3-4 (2005-2010)
Our Price £55.43 (inc vat)
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Product Information

Wind deflectors are a great example of an ideal accessory for your Kia Sportage. Wind deflectors are an ever popular product providing a functional use. Price displayed is per quad set of wind deflectors.

Wind deflectors for your Kia Sportage:

  • Allows air flow without gusts of unwanted wind
  • Deflects rain whilst the window remains open
  • Tinted to reduce glare
  • Ideal if you have dogs
  • Car wash friendly
  • Set of two front and two rear wind deflectors

Wind deflectors allow you to leave the windows of your Kia Sportage open while you are driving and not have the problem of excessive wind blasting through your car.

With wind deflectors fitted you can even leave your windows open when it's raining. Usually, if you open the window when it rains the water pours in and the interior trim and electric window switches in your Kia Sportage will be ruined. With wind deflectors, you can still open your windows enough to allow a cool air flow but any rain will be deflected keeping the interior of your car dry and clean.

If you have dogs wind deflectors are particularly ideal. When leaving the dogs in the car you need to leave the windows open enough to allow fresh air into your Kia Sportage but it's a worrying thought that everyone else can see that the windows are partially open too. Wind deflectors allow you to open the window a couple of inches to let enough fresh air flow in but nobody can see that the window is open at all.

These adhesive wind deflectors are applied to your Kia Sportage using adhesive automotive tape. The adhesive is strong and will secure your wind deflectors for as long as you require to keep them on your car. Although the wind deflectors won't come off easily with a tug, all you need to do to remove them is apply heat for example using a heat gun or hairdryer.

Product Code: 3FE50KISP3
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