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Cobra Stainless Steel Front Spoiler Guard with LED Lights for Nissan D40/Navara

Cobra Front Spoiler Guard Stainless with LED Lights for Nissan D40/Navara
Our Price £445.16 (inc vat)
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Product Information

Protect your Nissan D40/Navara in style with a Cobra Front Spoiler Guard with LED Lights.

The majority of 4x4's now come with body coloured bumpers. As you can imagine, these are the first to be damaged in an accident and to make matters worse, it's very noticeable. Not the best thing you want to happen to your rather expensive and valued Nissan Navara D40. No matter how small the mark is, it's an eye sore. The front bumper complements your car, so what good is that when it's dented, scratched and marked?

One way to solve this problem is with a front bumper/spoiler protector. The bumper protector protects your pick-up from any damage whilst driving and parking. The most common cause of bumper damage happens in a car park. Whether you go too far and scrape your bumper on the curb or wall, or someone else reverses too far and scrapes into you, with a bumper protector on your 4x4 you will not have to worry.

Cobra Front Spoiler Guard for Nissan D40/Navara features:

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Non-drill fitting
  • Comes complete with fitting kit
  • Complete with LED lights

Can you imagine ruining the front bumper of your brand new Nissan Navara D40? Not a very good situation to be in. Get yourself a Cobra Front Spoiler Guard for your pick up and save yourself the hassle. One simple move of fixing a front bumper protector to take away your everlasting worry. It has got to be worth it!

Stand out from the crowd with an upmarket, scrape free front bumper!

Cobra are one of the worlds largest suppliers of 4x4 accessories. Since 1982 Cobra have progressed through constant development to achieve the quality and precision of the products we see today, including Front Spoiler Guard for the Nissan D40/Navara.

Product Code: 23C12NID40
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