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ASX Soft Black Vinyl Wheel Cover Size 2

ASX Soft Black Vinyl Wheel Cover Size 2
Our Price £14.26 (inc vat)
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Product Information

ASX Soft Vinyl Wheelcover

Our soft vinyl wheelcovers are made from a flexible reinforced vinyl. The wheelcover simply fits snugly around your spare wheel and is held in place by an elasticated rear cuff.

A soft vinyl wheelcover is waterproof and washable.

An econonical wheelcover which is suitable to fit most tyres sizes.

Fits Tyre Sizes:

215/80R14     195/80R15     205/70R16

225/75R14     205/75R15     205/75R16

225/80R14     205/80R15     215/70R16

235/75R14     215/75R15     235/60R16

245/70R14     225/70R15     255/60R16

255/65R14     235/70R15    

255/70R14     255/60R15

265/65R14     255/65R15

Product Code: RD2B1R
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