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Since 1899 Hella has strived to be at the forefront of lighting technology with the core belief that visibility and road safety should be affordable by the masses. Hella comes from the German word for bright , Hella and brightness is key to the Hella range. Hella lighting equipment is used by a wide variety of vehicle makers worldwide, including Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Porsche and VW in their high end vehicles.

Poor road visibility is not safe, Night and offroad driving requires extra concentration which can increase eye strain and driver fatigue. Though standard headlights are fine under street lights even full beam is not enough lighting power needed for higher speeds or long distance driving .

Driving at dusk and dawn can be tough, your eyes are used to the light all around but your headlights aren't powerful enough to show what may be ahead. On country lanes and poorly lit roads you need the additional light performance of Hella driving lamps to sharply increase your long range visibility . Driving lights provide a much brighter and evenly distributed light and are perfect when vision is severely reduced.

Hella Driving Lamp Comet Cool Blue FF50

Hella Spots, Fogs and Pencil Beams

From Minis to Hiluxes , Hellas lights are popular on all vehicles. Spots can be mounted on 'A' bars or Rollbars , Hardtop light bars and light mounts . In the 4x4 market, the more you can be seen the more you are seen, Hella lights make this happen!!

Hella Additional Lights

The full Hella range is trusted by emergency services all over the world who not only use their powerful spotlights and driving lights but their sirens, work lamps and search lights . Hella is embraced by longhaul lorry drivers who drive throughout the night and in the harshest of weathers and breakdown and recovery services who need to find people on tough terrain.

Driving lights help you to see the obstacles and road hazards earlier so there is more time to react safely, this is why Hella lights are used by rally drivers and military vehicles.

Hella Driving Lamp Comet 200 Xenon

Hella FF Technology

Hella's powerful free form reflectors use computer-aided design that perfectly coordinates the shape of the reflector with the light source to deliver a precise beam pattern and produce up to three times more illumination than ordinary lights. The Free-Form reflector has over 50,000 precisely calculated surface points to aim the beam exactly where it is needed. The Hella FF range is far reaching and well with minimum back-glare for the driver and Xenon bulb technology ensures that the light is crisp and even, the closest you can get to daylight.

A quote from our customer about Hella lights:

"I have got to say that the performance of the lights was way beyond my expectation. To say that they were awesome is an understatement. I am confident that my vehicle would run out of top end speed before the range of the lights became an issue."

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